Sunday, June 29, 2008

Apple and WALL-E: An Unlikely Duo With a Ton of Ties

WALL-E is a hit! It is number one at the box office for the weekend! You may have seen it, and if not, I recommend you read my review.

Now that you've read my review, you know a lot about WALL-E. There are some things about it that you may not know, however. The main thing you may not know, is that the computer company Apple has a ton of ties to the Pixar movie, WALL-E.

Tie #1:
Steve Jobs. He is the CEO of Apple Computers and a major part of Pixar. He was the major stockholder (until it was bought by Disney. But, he is also the major stockholder of Disney) and is one of the biggest contributors. In fact, he was the original contributor for Pixar. Thus, without him, WALL-E would not have been made.

Tie #2:
EVE, WALL-E's love interest, was designed by one of Apple's lead designers, Johnathan Ives. He was one of the major contributors of the iPod design, as well as other Apple products.

Tie #3:
I have heard and read that a lot of people think that when WALL-E turns on, the sound that you hear is the exact same sound made by an old Mac when it boots up. (Update: all Macs make this sound)

Tie #4:
This isn't really a tie, but on the Apple website, there are exclusive WALL-E clips, here's the link.

Tie #5:
This tie isn't really a real tie either. The WALL-E soundtrack is extremely popular on Apple's music store, iTunes. It has sold thousands upon thousands of copies since it was released last Tuesday, and it is the 10th most popular album in the United States. It is also #2 in its genre of soundtracks. It is beaten by another Walt Disney Records soundtrack, Camp Rock.

Tie #6:
WALL-E watches Hello Dolly! on an iPod.

So, now you know all about the ties between WALL-E and Apple Computers. Now you can look out for 'em when you go to see WALL-E!

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Alberto said...

not only old macs make that sound... all macs do it... i wish my iphone would do it too!