Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Announced about 'UP' and 'Bolt'

Today at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego, Disney had a Q&A session, as well as showed clips from the upcoming animated features. Here's an excerpt from an excellent transcript of the event from

Q: “I’ve know that a lot of you are Hayao Miyazaki fans, and the footage you showed us looked like it had a lot of his influences.”

A: “Wow, thank you for that. It’s true, a lot of us love Hayao Miyazaki. I had a chance to work on the English translation of that film, and I just love his attention to detail. There’s a shot in his film Totoro where the character is waiting for a bus, and they cut to a shot of a drop of water falling, and a frog… that sort of detail is just something I love.”

Q: “So what is the message that Pixar is trying to get across in this movie?

A: “Well, it’s all about drug trafficking, and….okay, no it’s not. We’re just trying to tell a good story with a heart, and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

As well as shedding some light on some unanswered questions, Disney has released the official site for UP. This site, right now, just contains the teaser trailer. Here is the link, as well as the trailer.

I know that you can't tell much from that trailer, but that's why they call it a teaser. Anyways, read this transcript of the whole Pixar affair from Comic-Con, it gives a lot of insight on the upcoming feature, UP, by the world's best animation studio.

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