Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sadly, There'll be No More Clowning Around for Larry Harmon

Does the name Larry Harmon mean anything to you? I don't think it will. But what about Bozo the Clown? I am almost certain that that name will ring a bell. You recognize it because Bozo the Clown was "a show business staple that delighted children for more than a half-century." And Larry Harmon is the one who popularized and was the most well-known Bozo the Clown.

Larry Harmon, or Bozo the Clown, was a great entertainer. "Bozo is a combination of the wonderful wisdom of the adult and the childlike ways in all of us," Harmon said. Well, I'm sorry to say, but he died today of congestive heart failure in his home at the age of 83 years.

So long Bozo, you were the original clown, and you will not be forgotten.

Source: Los Angeles Times Obituary

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