Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'The Price is Right' Made a Mistake

Have you ever thought that those games on The Price is Right are slightly less favorable towards the contestant? A news story from today has confirmed any suspicions you might have had. They are somewhat rigged. It’s a funny story, actually. They were filming a commercial for The Price is Right, and they rigged the Plinko machine so that it’d go into the jackpot $10,000 every time. Well, they forgot to reset the machine before filming the real show, and a lady won $30,000! This seems like a big slip-up on The Price is Right’s part, and it was, which is why somebody got fired. And in case you were wondering, the lady had to play again and won $3,000, but they decided to give her both prizes, for a total of $33,000! Sadly, they will not be airing this portion of the show, so we may never be able to see the malfunctioning machine or the lucky contestant.

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