Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pixar Updates: 'UP' Pictures, and Possible 'Monsters, Inc.' Sequel

Pixar is definitely the best animation studio on the planet. As such, it has a lot of news and buzz around it. Here are some of the news stories and updates for today:

Update 1: Here are some UP pictures taken at Comic-Con 2008. These were photographs taken at a presentation by Pixar. They were then cropped and enhanced in photoshop. Astounding.

Update 2: An interview with Pete Docter from MTV hints at a Monsters, Inc. sequel. This hint is a lot similar to the hint dropped by Iger on the idea of a Cars sequel. Everything points to a Monsters, Inc. 2! Here's the link to the interview. And, yes, they misspelled Docter's name as "Doctor".

Hopefully, more will be announced about UP as its release draws near. I also hope that more on Monsters, Inc. 2 is announced as well. All of this news will be posted as it is announced.

Source: The Pixar Blog

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