Friday, March 13, 2009

Stitch Humidifier and Television

Here are two rather odd products both featuring your favorite small, blue alien that resides in Hawaii.

The first is a Stitch humidifier which is a product from a Japanese company. It belches plumes of fresh air right next to your computer. How nice. But, at around $100 a pop, this USB humidifier seems a little bit ridiculous--cute--but ridiculous.

The second is another product released from the same Japanese company. It is a 20-inch LCD TV that has a full-size stitch climbing over it, complete with movable jaw to cover or reveal controls. But this TV is also a bit pricey at around $1,015.

These are, sadly, only available in Japan, presumably due to their obsession with small, cute animals like Pooh and Stitch.

2 comments: said...

Well, I don't actually consider this is likely to have success.

siryoz0 said...

Love stitch and I believe this will be a good gift idea for my son for we both love the show. Thanks for this.