Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twenty-Three Quarterly Magazine Reveals More About D23

D23, the mysterious club being revealed by Disney on March 10, has mostly been revealed. Some people around the internet have gotten a hold of the first edition of the magazine attached to the club called "Twenty-Three". The magazine is basically a book; it is 62 pages of colored photos, well-written articles, and interesting sidebars of information. It costs $15.95, but I imagine that you will receive them in the mail if you become a member of Disney's new club (and I know that I am going to become a member).

The "magazine" reveals a lot of new information regarding the club, as well as other aspects of upcoming things at Disney. The magazine describes the new membership club by describing that it "celebrates the adventure Walt embarked upon and the amazing legacy that lives on in the work of Disney storytellers, animators, film-makers, Imagineers and Cast Members around the world."

There are currently no details about membership prices, perks or anything else. All of that will be announced on March 10, and will be promptly posted here to satisfy your curiosity.

Also revealed in the first issue of "Twenty-Three" is some very interesting information regarding the short, Partly Cloudy, that will be attached to Pixar's upcoming feature Up. To read the exclusive article, click your way over to The Pixar Blog. Here's a short summary of Partly Cloudy's plot from The Pixar Blog:

Partly Cloudy’s protagonist is a cloud named Gus who makes the ‘tougher babies’ like alligators and porcupines. Peck is Gus’ stork who’s grown tired of having to deliver all the tough babies and wants to move on to softer ones like kittens and humans. The short’s climax is when Gus thinks Peck quit in search of easier deliveries.
That's about all that has been revealed through the first edition of "Twenty-Three" that was presumably put on shelves too early by some outlets. Read all previous D23 posts here. Come back in two days to read all about Disney's announcement of its new club, D23.

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