Monday, March 16, 2009

'Transformers 3' Gets Official

Briefly: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen comes out on June 24 of this year, but Paramount and Dreamworks have already made the three-quel for this successful film franchise official.

They haven't released anything about the movie other than the fact that the tentative release date is July 1, 2011. This isn't the official release date; they are mire likely just claiming their usual Independence Day slot so that no other blockbusters get scheduled around the same time.

No word yet on whether or not Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, or Michael Bay are returning for the three-quel

Source: Variety


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I would be so glad to watch another film from this saga. the two last films were so successful, and I'm sure this will be too. However I would like to see the same actors and the same director, because if not the movie is not gonna have any sense, and that would be a shame.
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Jacob Rodman said...

Man, Im'ma watch that movie! Once the tickets come out, I'll be running to buy one from the local theaters here. I know my friends going to pay for my tickets this year, because I paid for his tickets for the first movie and Revenge of the Fallen. Gah! I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to be shown here!

As a Transformers fan, I've always wanted a car that looked like Bumblebee. Not the current one, but the old VW. There have been lots of changes in their forms in the movie, but they've kept the essence of the characters. Man, I miss my childhood days in Indianapolis.