Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Great New 'Up' Clips

As we get ever closer to the release of Pixar's next movie, Up, we are going to continue to see many more great promotional images and clips. Today is no exception, for I have discovered two more clips sitting around the Internet waiting for you to watch them.

The first can be found on Disney's home page. It is a short featurette that discusses the 3D aspect of Up. The video includes John Lasseter, Pete Docter, among others, as well as fantastic, never-before-seen clips from the movie that make me even more excited to see it. As John Lasseter describes it: Up is "a big adventure" and is "stunningly beautiful"and even more "breathtaking in 3-dimensions." The clip also has one of Pixar's 3D guys talking about how Pixar has managed to use 3D to their advantage storywise; on sad and solemn scenes the 3D effects make the scene appear condensed, and when there is a lot of excitement the 3D gets used to its full potential so the audience feels like they are actually within the scene. Although I have never really liked 3D, this video makes it sound like Pixar has managed to promote it from a cheap gimmick toa story-enhancement tool. Leave it to Pixar to do something as ingenious as that. Check out this great video here (but beware: a Hannah Montana video starts directly after it).

The second clip is one taken from Up. Remember the hilarious intro to the final Up trailer where Russell asks Carl if he needs any assistance? Well this clip begins the same, but goes on to finish the entire scene. It can be seen here, but you have to sit through a boring commercial first.

Up comes out on May 29 of this year. Read more about it here.

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