Saturday, June 6, 2009

Giant Buzz Made of Legos

Above you will find, straight from Lee Unkrich's very own TwitPic page (!!), a larger than actual size sculpture of Buzz Lightyear constructed completely out of Legos! It is amazing how the 'Lego sculptor' was able to capture Buzz's personality so well. And he was even able to get the trademark swirl on the chin. This statue of Buzz is almost definitely part of the only-just-beginning marketing campaign for Pixar's next flick.

The Lego statue, however, almost immediately reminded me of the Toy Story Lego sets which are set to come out next year prior to the third film's release. Will these consumer Lego sets be this awesome? No. Will these comsumer Lego sets be awesome? Absolutely.

The photo lacks a caption, and was posted yesterday, June 5, by Unkrich himself. Lee Unkrich has worked with Pixar for the last 15 years where he started as a simple film editor and worked his way up to co-director of Toy Story 2; Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo. He is currently directing Toy Story 3, which will be released on June 18 of next year, and I can hardly wait to be taken back to the wonderful world of talking toys which I love so much.

Only 377 days to go...


Becky said...

Waaay rad!

MinusAll said...

The retail sets WILL be this do I know? Because I'm a designer for LEGO and I am one of the guys building them! :)