Monday, June 22, 2009

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear, More 'Toy Story' Toys Look Amazing [UPDATED]

With the looming release of not one, not two, but three Toy Story films in the next year, it makes sense that Disney is re-creating the line of merchandise for the films (with the help of John Lasseter, thankfully), to create 'The Definitive Toy Story Collection.' The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear (remind you of a certain expensive WALL-E toy from last year?...) looks like it will be very, very cool:

Standing 16 inches tall and sporting seven motors, more than 100 phrases, and responding to voice, this goes beyond toy. When you first take Buzz out of the box, he thinks he’s a real Space Ranger. If you say “Star Command” he tries to contact Star Command for real. Once you say “You’re A Toy!” his behavior changes accordingly. You can control Buzz with a 15-function wireless remote control, and the controller can be used to play a laser game with Buzz. What really blew me away was the “Puppeteering Programming” function. This function allows you to program a series of moves simply by moving his head, arms and legs in the sequence you want. Buzz will record the movements and play them back, including phrases and laser blasts.
Sound awesome? Well, I know it will be. Pricey, I'm sure, but awesome nonetheless. But that isn't all of the good news. More great toys inspired by October's re-release are coming out soon.

RC from the film is getting a reboot as well and it "has that peppy puppy bounce that RC had in the movie. The designers also gave the toy IR and bump sensors for collision avoidance. You can control RC using the normal controller, and you can call him to you by saying, 'Come here RC!' Using dual audio sensors, RC can figure out where you are and head over to you."

Another feature mentioned in the article is that upon clapping your hands, the new Mr. Potato Head will pop all of its parts out of its body. Very funny and cool.

I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these sure-to-be fun and entertaining toys.

Update: Popular gadget blog Gizmodo has more information on the Ultimate Buzz, including a price tag of around $140, and the following video of the amazing toy in action!

Buzz Lightyear Robot Toy from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Source: Wired

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