Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disneyland and California Adventure Updates

I'm here in California once more and set to visit Disneyland and the California Adventure park in about a week. I will be sure to take a lot of pictures of the changes being made to California Adventure, but, for now, we'll have to settle with pictures taken by others to satisfy our curiosity for the rapidly changing California theme park.

First off, here's a brief timeline courtesy of Al Lutz at MiceAge:

  • July 16, 2009 – New Blue Sky Cellar Exhibit

  • August, 2009 – First Disneyland Hotel tower begins refurbishment

  • September, 2009 – D23 Expo, Grand Californian DVC wing opens, New HalloweenTime fireworks

  • December, 2009 – New Mr. Lincoln Show debuts

  • March, 2010 – World of Color debuts

  • April, 2010 – Silly Symphony Swings debut, Paradise Pier shops makeover completed

  • Spring, 2010 – Disneyland 55 Anniversary entertainment and decor debuts

  • Summer, 2010 – Route 66 makeover completed

  • December, 2010 – Goofy's Sky School debuts

  • May, 2011 – Little Mermaid E Ticket / Star Tours 2.0 debuts

  • December, 2011 – DCA Main Entrance/Buena Vista Street debuts

  • Spring, 2012 – Disneyland Hotel refurbishment completed

  • June, 2012 – Cars Land debuts

I am very excited to see the completed park in 2012. It should be amazing (although it should have been amazing on opening day 9 years ago). I love the Blue Sky Cellar and am very pleased that they are updating it so quickly since everybody already knows about the new boardwalk games and Toy Story Mania! and everything else it has showcased. The Little Mermaid ride should be fantastic from what I've seen and heard about it, as will Cars Land.

Speaking of Cars Land, according to the OCRegister, construction of the largest component of the $1 billion dollar expansion has already begun. They claim that the Timon parking lot has been shut down for good to make way for the 12-acre land that is sure to be filled with thousands of Lightning McQueens and Maters. And, don't worry, they have already made sure that there is enough parking for everybody. Besides, I would gladly give up my parking space in the Timon lot for Mater or Doc Hudson to park there instead. Wouldn't you? Read more about Cars Land here.

Also, Blue Sky Disney (who also created the above photo) is reporting that the folks over at Disney are trying to create an exclusive club within the California Adventure Park similar to Disneyland's Club 33. I think that this is an interesting idea, but nobody will ever be able to beat the exclusivity or legacy of the timeless Club 33 in New Orleans Square, not even the Imagineers.

Read all about Disney's California Adventure refurbishment (as well as changes within Disneyland) here, here, and here!

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