Friday, May 29, 2009

Today is the Day for 'Up'!

Well, we're finally here. Pixar's tenth film is now in theaters. After an exciting press release announcing the title through more rumors and leaked art, an opening at Cannes and merchandising releases, we finally get to see the movie! So, what are you waiting for? Go out and see Up!

Oh, you wanna read more about it first?

Then, first, read my review of Up. It is a comprehensive review of the wonderful film Up, and the somewhat disappointing short Partly Cloudy.

Next, read all about the interesting technologies Pixar had to invent inorder to animate 10,000 balloons in Up (which look spectacular, by the way).

After that, feel free to read all about Jordan, the little boy who does a great job voicing Russell. Also, you might wanna check out Rotten Tomatoes where Up has a 98%! (I'd have given it a 100%, but at least its in the upper nineties.)

Then, why not read some more reviews from tons of different news sites?

NY Daily News
Newark Star-Ledger
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Cinema Blend
Washington Post
LA Times
Seattle Times
E! Online
Miami Herald
Rolling Stone
USA Today
Philadelphia Inquirer
Boston Globe
New York Magazine

What? You can't possibly want more Up, can you? Oh, fine. Then read this on Apple's game website. It is all about the Up video game with a bunch of screenshots and info.

If you still want more Up, why not download the absolutely perfect soundtrack by Michael Giacchino?

Now, if you still need more Up, I can't help you. All you can do now is hop in the car, and drive over to the closest movie theater. And enjoy the beautiful, hilarious, and sad film made by the best animation studio on the planet: Pixar.

(Reviews compiled by The Pixar Blog)

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