Monday, June 8, 2009

Mutts Comic Genius Featured in 'Art of Up'

I have always loved comic strips. They are usually well-drawn and funny, and there are very few strips that beat out Mutts by Patrick McDonnell. Well, it turns out that creating hilarious situations for Earl and Mooch isn't all McDonnell is talented at; he is featured in The Art of Up!

He is also credited as a 'Development Artist', and Docter had this to say about the genius behind Mutts: "Patrick’s work has a wonderful charm, a great sense of character, and a deceptively simple complexity to it. He seemed a perfect fit for Up, and sure enough he came up with some great ideas."

Very cool! The folks at Pixar have good taste in artists! But we already knew that... But now we know that McDonnell has a good taste in animation studios, I suppose. Let's hope that Mutts stays as funny and brilliant as they are today. Let's also hope that Pixar's films stay as wonderful and perfect as they are right now. But I am sure that we don't have to worry about either of these artistic staples' quality to linger anytime soon.

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