Monday, July 7, 2008

A Few Apple Updates (Updated)

As the release of Apple's newest gadget, the iPhone 3G, comes near, more rumors and reports continue to trickle in. Here is a brief list of links and facts relating to the iPhone 3G, and its upcoming release:

1. Apple announced, as AT&T already has, that its doors will be opening up bright and early on the 11th (at 8am to be precise). Presumably, because most of the activating will be taking place in store, and will take around 10 minutes.

2. iPhone 3G displays have begun to pop up at the odd Apple Store, and should be at every one within the next week or so. Source: Gizmodo

3. After various people have studied and dissected the guided your for the iPhone 3G, one very peculiar tidbit has arisen: On the bottom of the phone, 2 very visible screws can be seen. Usually, Apple tries very hard to conceal any and all such items, which leads everyone to believe that these screws mean a user-replaceable battery! One can only hope... Source: iPhone Atlas

4. And, finally, the online Apple Store is down. It could be some regular maintenance, or perhaps they are planning to announce the user-replaceable battery, or, more likely, MobileMe is ready for shipment. Whatever the case, we'll find out soon enough.

Well, there ya have it. All the facts you need to know as July 11 draws ever closer.

3 days and counting...

Update: In Portugal, there was an unboxing of the iPhone 3G!! Here is a picture, and the link.

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