Tuesday, July 1, 2008

iPhone 3G Guided Tour Available For Download, Plus AT&T Pricing Announced!

With the launch of the brand new iPhone just days away, Apple has released the guided tour for it. You'll find the link here. You can either view it or download it. You'll find similarities and differences in relation to the original iPhone's guided tour. The main difference is the white background. The main similarity is our friend, the original iPhone guided tour guy. Enjoy. Good luck waiting 11 more days.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, AT&T's pricing, plans, and eligibility (this is all taken exactly from the AT&T website):

What will I pay for iPhone 3G?
For specific pricing details please see:
New to AT&T
Current AT&T Customer

What types of plans are available for iPhone 3G?

What are my options for text messaging?

Can I use my iPhone 3G while traveling internationally?
Yes. Outside of the U.S, voice and data usage, including data usage incurred from delivery of Visual Voicemail messages, will be charged at international rates. AT&T offers two discount international data packages that can significantly reduce the cost of using data abroad. See att.com/wirelessinternational for details and international roaming rates.

Where can I buy iPhone 3G?
iPhone 3G is available for purchase at any Apple or AT&T store. Find a store near you.

What is the Enterprise Data plan?
Customers interested in using iPhone to access corporate email, business applications or corporate intranet will activate with an Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone. Learn more at att.com/iphoneforbusiness.

(This is all taken verbatim from the AT&T website)

Well, now ya know. Get ready for your brand new iPhone 3G. Coming July 11.

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