Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unofficial WALL-E Promoter Rewarded By Pixar

You know that girl who videotaped herself crying to the WALL-E teaser trailer, then uploaded it to YouTube? Well, supposedly, that video was so much publicity for Pixar and for WALL-E, that the girl in the video was thanked numerous ways: by e-mails from Pixar, by being invited to the WALL-E wrap-up party, by getting to personally speak to Andrew Stanton and Brad Bird, and by getting a tour of Pixar Animation Studios. Personally, I find this thank you a bit extreme, but it sure was classy and nice of Pixar. Any other studio would have loved the publicity even more, and wouldn't have done anything about it. Oh, and don't be surprised if a video of me crying to the Up teaser appears in later posts. Here's the YouTube video that got the girl such a fantastic "thank you" from Pixar, as well as a link to the girl's blog which has an entire post about the events.

Link to the retelling of the girl's "Pixar Adventure"

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